Applications include:    
  • Transfer of liquid manure oxygenation
  • Surface irrigation
  • Transfer and spraying liquid manure or fertilisers
  • Distribution of liquid animal feed
  • Transfer of must
  • Washing


BBA BA High Head

Featuring a 100% mechanical priming system, the BA series pumps quickly prime and re-prime, even from dry conditions. BBA have created a state of the art production line making use of the latest technology and equipment, so you are guaranteed speed and constant production quality. Multiple test rigs

Varisco Lithium

The high head pumps have excellent NPSH values. This means that they can be installed conveniently and the pumps are capable of delivering high pressures. LITHIUM is a special version of the H series pumps. This kind of pumps is characterized by solid handling up to 3”, head up to 100 m (10

Varisco J

Varisco J series are powerful self priming centrifugal pumps. Due to open type impeller these pumps are perfectly suitable for pumping of liquids that conatin large size solids, as well as for working in extreme conditions. Operating range: Capacity from 22 m3/h to 1400 m3/h Suction


Mobile power generators ensure temporary electricity connection in construction places, emergency and other situations when standard electricity connection is not available. We offer generators with output from 1 kVA to 2000 kVA including different modifications - open or silenced canopy,

SAER centrifugal

Standart centrifugal pumps fit perfectly when you need to pump liquids containing solids. Centrifugal pumps can be equiped with chemical resistant parts, which makes pumping chemically aggressive liquids possible. With bronze impeller and mechanical seal with Viton coating being installed, pumps can

Varisco Z

Varisco Z open impeller centrifugal pumps have High resistance to water containing sand, mud with solids in suspension. Operating range: Capacity from 230 m3/h to 470 m3/h Head up to 31 m Solids handling up to 76 mm Features: Casing in cast iron and impeller in ductile iron Mechanical

Pioneer SC

Pioneer Standard Centrifugal pumps provide superior performance in a variety of applications. The large impeller eyes deliver lower NPSHr and improved vapor-handling capabilities. Operating range: Capacity from 300 m3/h to 4200 m3/h Head from 44 m to 134 m Solids handling up to 150 mm Features: Minimize

Börger rotary lobe pumps

Thanks to their design rotary lobe pumps can pump thick liquids containing large amount of solids, and they can also be used in dosing applications. Thanks to inlet/outlet ports located at the same level pump can be easily integrated in to existing pipeline. Operating range: Capacity up to

BÖRGER choppers

BÖRGER choppers macerate solids contained in liquid into smaller parts in order to facilitate their further pumping and/or treatment, for instance for feeding microorganisms in biogas plants. Choppers are necessarry to facilitate continuous downstream installed equipment functioning. BÖRGER

RAGAZZINI perestaltic pumps

Thanks to their design perestaltic pumps are capable to pump viscous, abrasive, chemically aggressive liquids, containing large amount of solid particles. Pumps can be used for dosage applications as well. Operating range: Capacity up to 180 m3/h Pressure up to 16 bar Viscousity