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Gen Set

Gen Set S.p.A. is one of the largest manufacturers of engine driven welders and generating sets. The high quality of the products has its origins in industrial processes arising from research and development. The progress made in this sphere has led the company to register numerous international patents, demonstrating the level of innovation achieved.

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Mobile power generators ensure temporary electricity connection in construction places, emergency and other situations when standard electricity connection is not available.

We offer generators with output from 1 kVA to 2000 kVA including different modifications - open or silenced canopy, stationary or on portable trailers.

Through its extensive design and production facility Gen Set offers a comprehensive range of generating sets from 1 kVA to 2000 kVA with:

  • choice of an international range of engines;
  • different enclosures: from sound-attenuated up to super silenced models that meet or exceed the latest EC noise regulations;
  • specially designed alternators for special applications where a smooth waveform and low harmonic distortion is required;
  • availability of an automatic start operation range(in case of mains failure) from 5 kVA to 2000 kVA.

Gen Set builds most of components in house than most of our competitors. This allows to offer the exact, and sometimes complex, specification that is required. For example the application of supplying back-up power for banking operation centres, requires the following:

  • an extremely low noise level;
  • immediate restoration of working conditions in the event of mains failure;
  • electrical output with a very smooth waveform (needed for perfect functioning of computers, alarm systems, any other electronic equipment).

In addition to offering various specification options, Gen Set has always paid particular attention to all the safety issues which are related to its product range. All Gen Set machines comply with the relevant EC regulations in point of user safety and polluting emission control.

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Engine driven welders

Mobile welding generators allow to perform urgent welding jobs in construction places without moving welding object to/from the workshop. We offer generators with output from 165 A to 1000 A including different modifications - open or silenced canopy, stationary or on portable trailers.

The Gen Set’s Engine Driven Welders range (MPM) has been designed to meet requirements of customers needing highly professional welding equipment. This result has been achieved through the unique features of the Gen Set’s asynchronous brushless alternator: versatility, reliability and efficiency.


  • stepless current regulation, also remotely controlled;
  • "Down-Hill" vertical welding facility;
  • MIG welding;
  • Lift TIG welding facility;
  • Carbon Arc Gouging;
  • Auxiliary AC power available also while welding.


  • No alternator brushes or rotating diodes;
  • only a single bearing “squirrel cage” rotor: no maintenance required.


The MPM asynchronous brushless alternator is more efficient than conventional synchronous alternators, which results in:

  • more welding capacity;
  • better quality current with a smooth waveform and a very low harmonic distortion, without spikes: suitable for powering sensitive equipments;
  • more auxiliary power available in single-phase;
  • lower fuel consumption; longer engine life.

Whether you need to weld a pipeline, operate in a strict sound regulation area, carry out industrial maintenance jobs or steel structures, we can provide you the right welding equipment in terms of several makes of air and water cooled engines, highly effective soundproofing, different welding processes, number of available options.

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