Emergency and Defence

Applications include:    
  • Flood control
  • Fire fighting
  • Temporary water and sewage pumping
  • Recovery of dangerous liquids
  • Cleaning of contaminated areas
  • Pumping out cellars


Varisco EP

EVO PUMPS has a wide range of emergency pumps for use in most difficult conditions. Since in emergency and salvage situations every minute is very important, these pumps are made from especially light but resistant materials for easy handling and quick installation.  Operating range: Capacity


Mobile power generators ensure temporary electricity connection in construction places, emergency and other situations when standard electricity connection is not available. We offer generators with output from 1 kVA to 2000 kVA including different modifications - open or silenced canopy,

Aluminium BOX

Aluminium Bo trench shorings ensure safe and effective work in trenches and small construction pits.           Send Request Height: 2000 - 2400 mm   Lengt: 2400 - 2500 mm   Thickness: 100 mm   Resistance: 22,5 kN/m2   Weight: 300-