Varisco V

V series positive displacement internal gear pumps are suitable for pumping liquids of any viscosity. Solids cannot be handled, but the pumps can cope with abrasive liquids.

Operating range:

  • Viscosity from 20 to 100.000 (mm2/s - cSt)
  • Capacity from 3,8 m3/h to 350 m3/h
  • Pressure handling from 8 bar to 20 bar


  • Constant capacity, directly proportional to the rotation speed and virtualy independent of the pressure.
  • Smooth flow, without pulsations or pressure peaks whitch could cause vibrations in the pipework.
  • Verstality. By adjusting the axial position of the rotor, the same pump can handle water-thin liquids or high viscosity liquids such as bitumen, molasses, resins, polymers, etc.
  • Reversibility. By inverting the direction of rotation the flow of liquid is reversed. Full performance is available in eather direction of flow.
  • Self-priming. The high vacuum created by the pump permits rapid self-priming at the maximum height made possible by the physical charecteristics of the pumped liquid.
  • Simplicity. Only two moving parts: the rotor and idler gears, and only one shaft seal.
  • Rugged, heavy duty construction. Low rotor and peripherial speed. External pedestal bearing housing with oversize ball bearing to take axial and radial loads.



Main applications:

  • Petroleum products: gasoline, diesel fuel, fuel oil, lubricating oil, additives, crude oil
  • Soap and detergents: surfactants, liquid detergents
  • Adhesives: glue, epoxy resins
  • Paint and ink: varnish, printing ink
  • High temperature liquids: bitumen, tar, asphalt, heat transfer liquids.
  • Foodstuffs: molasses, chocolate, cocoa butter, glucose, animal feed, vegetable oils, fat.

Special versions:

Magnetic drive pump. The liquid is complitely contained in the pump to avoid leaks and consequent pollution of the environment.

  • For the availability of materials, treatments and accessories for specific applications, please contact our Sales Office.
  • The pumps can be certified in accordance with the ATEX standards.
  • V series pumps are suitable for use in the petrochemical industry and can be supplied in accordance with API 676 standards (detailed exception list available on request).



Working principle:

V pumps are internal gear positive displacement rotary pumps. The flow is generated by two gears: the rotor and idler, one inside the other, separed by a crescent. As the gears rotate, liquid is drawn into the spaces created between the gears and the crescent. When the gears mesh, the liquid is forced out of the pump. The result are a smooth flow of liquid and high capacity combined with compact size.

  • Heavy duty casing in ductile iron, steel or stainless steel with flanged ports.
  • Casing with optional integral heating jacket available for ductile iron versions
  • Rotor and idler gears in ductile iron or stainless steel.
  • Anti-galling surface treatment for versions for solvents.
  • Bushes in cast iron, bronze, graphite or tungsten carbide.
  • By-pass relief valve (+Y) mounted on the pump available on request
  • Heated (+YR) or double (+YY) by-pass relief valves available for some
  • Shaft and idler pin in hardened steel or stainless steel.
  • Large bearings absorb axial and radial thrust. Lock rings for precise rotor positioning even when the pump is installed.


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