Marine, ports

Applications include:       
  • Barge loading and unloading
  • Bilge pumping, washing
  • Harbour, dam dredging
  • Cleaning ponds, rivers, lakes
  • Reclaiming beaches
  • Geotube and geotextile projects
  • Cleaning marinas.


Varisco J

Varisco J series are powerful self priming centrifugal pumps. Due to open type impeller these pumps are perfectly suitable for pumping of liquids that conatin large size solids, as well as for working in extreme conditions. Operating range: Capacity from 22 m3/h to 1400 m3/h Suction


Dragflow is a world leader in heavy duty slurry pumping and dredging solutions. These pumps can easily handle any liquid - from dirty water to the most difficult slurries with high concentration of solids. Dragflow pumps are the best choice for mining and dredging jobs. Operating range: Capacity

Dredges and dredging equipment

Thanks to the innovative technology Dragflow dredges and dredging equipment have proven to be a reliable solution in dredging projects all over the world. Features: Easy and quick assambly: Our dredges are specifically designed and manufactured for easy assembly, both on the ground or in