Mining and quarrying

Applications include:    
  • Sand and gravel extraction
  • Mine tailings dredging
  • Gold tailing reclamation
  • Underdround slimes collection ponds
  • Ball mill sumps settling and collection ponds dredging
  • Iron ore tailing reclamation
  • Conveyor tunnel sumps
  • Coal tailing reclamation
  • Open pit slimes removal
  • Crusher sumps
  • Grinding area sumps
  • Flotation area
  • Track wash sumps
  • Removal of material from thickener



Dragflow is a world leader in heavy duty slurry pumping and dredging solutions. These pumps can easily handle any liquid - from dirty water to the most difficult slurries with high concentration of solids. Dragflow pumps are the best choice for mining and dredging jobs. Operating range: Capacity

Dredges and dredging equipment

Thanks to the innovative technology Dragflow dredges and dredging equipment have proven to be a reliable solution in dredging projects all over the world. Features: Easy and quick assambly: Our dredges are specifically designed and manufactured for easy assembly, both on the ground or in