Rotary lobe pumps

Pumps for thick, viscous, liquids containing large amount of solid particles


Centrifugal pumps

Universal centrifugal pumps for pumping various liquids

Internal gear pumps

Pumps for thick industrial liquids of any viscosity

Self-priming diaphragm pumps

Pumping of thick liquids containing solids or abrasive particles


Progressive cavity screw pumps

Pumps for viscous liquids with solids or fibres in suspension

Firefighting stations

Firefighting stations manufactured in accordance with EU standard EN12845

Peristaltic pumps

Pumps for viscous, abrasive, chemically aggressive liquids, containing large amount of solid particles

Submersible drainage pumps

Pumps for general drainage activities

Submersible slurry pumps

Pumps for heavy slurries and sludge with large solids in suspension

Self-priming centrifugal pumps

Portable pumps for wellpoint dewatering and pumping of liquids with solids in suspension

Piston pumps

Piston pumps for wellpoint dewatering, horizontal sock draining and soil decontamination

Super silenced pumps

Universal application pumps in sound attenuated canopy for working in urban areas

Dredges and dredging equipment

Specialized equipment for underwater material extraction works

High head jetting pumps

High quality multi-purpose hoses for suction and delivery of water and other liquids

Emergency pumps

Portable and lightweight pumps for emergency situations

Pump spare parts

Shafts, mechanical seals, bearings, impellers, electric and diesel engines



High quality multi
purpose hoses for
suction and delivery
of water and other

Pipes and Couplings

Quick couplings and
accessories for different
pumping applications.

Wellpoint dewatering accesories

Wellpoint dewatering
system accessories.


Power generators

Portable power and
welding generators in
open or silenced canopy.

Trench shoring systems

Trench shoring systems
for pipeline projects.