Pumping Projects

EVO PUMPS is a trustful partner in various pumping projects. Knowledge gained through practise and extensive fleet of highest quality equipment allows us to efficiently execute complex pumping projects.


Lowering the water level in sand quarry
Year: 2013
Location: Riga region, Latvia
Pumps: 2pcs Betsy 125M; 2 pcs Varisco ECOMATIC/SIMPLE JE 6-250
In order to get access to quality sand located under the water, client of EVO PUMPS decided to completely lower the water level in sand quarry.  EVO PUMPS built a quick solution to this problem - 4 pumps with total capacity of 1200 m3/h with the discharge line under the crossing road. In the result pumps were lowering the water level without stopping everyday sand extraction operations.



Temporary waste water pump installation in Riga
Year 2011-2012
Location: Riga, Latvia
Pumps & accessories: 2pcs Hidrostal I16K; 5pcs Hidrostal F10K; Automatic start/control unit with frequency inverters; 300m of different size pipelines.
Due to the total refurbishing of the main Waste Water Treatment Plant in the City of Riga in Latvia is the main Sewage influent lifting station for a long period inoperative. Also other sections of the treatment plant due to the refurbishing work became inoperative. 

EVO PUMPS built two separate temporary pump installations with total capacity of 9500 m3/h. The largest of the two pump installations 5000 m3/h was placed in the channel in front of the Archimedes influent screw lifting station. The second pump installation of  4500 m3/h was placed in the return sewage sludge channel.  

Both installations required large diameter steel discharge pipes of ø 500mm which had to be installed in such a way that the refurbishing work at the treatment plant could continue without hindrance.



Various pumping/rental projects
Year: 2008-2013
Location: Latvia
Throughout many years, EVO PUMPS has provided efficient solutions for different pumping challenges including sewage bypass, pumping of biomass, peat bogs, quarries and other specific applications.



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