Quarrying and mining

EVO PUMPS offers dredger and dredging services, pumping works, and the creation of maps of underwater Latvian, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland. We'll help to choose the best technical solutions, deliver and install equipment, and implement projects to achieve the best result. EVO PUMPS team's experience, knowledge and skills allows quickly and efficiently execute complex and non-standard projects.



EVO PUMPS provides efficient underwater excavation and dredging services, which include full cycle of quarrying, mining, dredging, and cleaning of various liquids and water bodies. We carry out works both in easily accessible sites and in difficult conditions.

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EVO PUMPS performs variety of pumping works, including both lowering the water level for various water bodies , drainage and maintenance works,  as well as all types of fluid pumping works. We implement each project individually, taking into account the customer's requirements and the specifics of work to be performed.

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EVO PUMPS using the latest technologies, develops underwater terrain maps for various water bodies. Creating a digital underwater depth map, you will get data on the underwater terrain and greater insight into the depth of the water tanks, shallows, soil hardness, fish resources and aquatic plants.

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