Submersible slurry pumps

Heavy duty pumps suitable for pumping all kinds of sludge, raw sewage, slurry and other heavy liquids with high concentrations of solids in suspension. These pumps can be used in construction, industrial, dredging and mining as well as municipal applications.



Dragflow is a world leader in heavy duty slurry pumping and dredging solutions. These pumps can easily handle any liquid - from dirty water to the most difficult slurries with high concentration of solids. Dragflow pumps are the best choice for mining and dredging jobs. Operating range: Capacity


The shape of this impeller in combination with the large free solid passage ensures clog-free operation. A Caprari submersible pump combines the characteristics of a positive displacement pump with a centrifugal pump. This makes these submersible pumps highly suitable for pumping numerous media ranging


PRORIL Pumps-reliable, durable and able to work even under difficult conditions. Operating range: Capacity from 1700 L/min to 5500 L /min Head from 17.5 m to 30.5 m Solids handling up to 35 mm Main applications: Pumping water with high content of solids Emergency situations Pumping