Wellpoint Dewatering Accesories

Our large stock include different size and type wellpoint filters, header pipes, quick couplings, vacuum and discharge hoses, sand collectors and other accesories for efficient wellpoint dewatering. Wellpoint dewatering is the most efficient and economical way of dewatering where the ground water level has to be lowered in depth not more than 6m. Long term professional experience in this field  allows us to continuously research, test and develop different wellpoint dewatering techniques and  equipment in order to get the best results in every dewatering project. Therefore we provide to our  clients only verified and reliable products - different wellpoint systems, each having has its own  advantages in specific soil and groundwater conditions.

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Metal Wellpoint System

Flexible Wellpoint System

  • Long life and high resistance to mechanical damages
  • Ensures high water flow
  • Available several filter profiles.
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Few connections ensure less air leakage
  • Low cost

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