Firefighting stations are manufactured

    in accordance with EU standard

    EN12845, all components are

    installed in accordance

    with this standard.

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    Thanks to their design rotary lobe

    pumps can pump thick liquids

    containing large amount of solids,

    and they can also be used in

    dosing applications.


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    The BBA pumps have been designed with

    a clear focus on reliability,

    efficiency and durability.

    The heavy build style of both pump and

    canopy make BBA pumps perfect

    for strenuous contractor market.

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     Self-priming centrifugal pumps are ideal for pumping liquids with solids in suspension

    as well as for wellpoint dewatering.

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    Internal gear pumps can easily handle

    liquids of any viscosity.
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    Dragflow pumps are proved to be

    the best solution for heavy duty

    pumping and dredging jobs.

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    Pump knowledge and quality equipment

    make EVO PUMPS a reliable partner in

    various pumping projects.

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Wellpoint dewatering

Development of wellpoint dewatering systems for different projects.

Pumping Projects

Effective solutions for complex pumping challenges.

Dredging systems

On-site installations of dredges and dredging systems.


Consultations and assistance

Customer support by phone, e-mail or directly on the project site.

Pump maintenance & service

Maintenance & repairs of pumps and pumping systems.

Custom pump manufacturing

Manufacturing of pumps with individually customized characteristics.

Karjeru izstrāde

UPRENT offers dredger and dredging services, pumping works,

and the creation of maps of underwater Latvian, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland. We'll help to choose the best technical solutions, deliver and install equipment, and implement projects to achieve the best result. UPRENT team's experience, knowledge and skills allows quickly and efficiently execute complex and non-standard projects.



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UPRENT is a leading pump and pumping system rental company in Baltic states with several branch offices in Latvia and Lithuania.


 • Modern and extensive rental pump fleet
 • Quick delivery and installation
 • Technical support 7 days a week
 • Custom pumping solutions
 • Flexible rental prices

For more detailed information please visit www.uprent.lv


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Professional equipment for modern municipalities

Caffini diaphragm pump and complete set of accessories, delivered to Dobele municipality by EVO Pumps.

Wellpoint dewatering projects abroad

Foreign trade is becoming more and more significant- we serve every customer - location is irrelevant.

New and modern firefighting pump station has being installed at "Agrofirma Tervete"

All equipment has being installed in accordance with the EU standard EN12845.

About Us

UPRENT is a supplier of pumps and pumping systems for different markets, including construction, industry, civil defence, ports and municipal markets. UPRENT is the official dealer of worldwide leading pump brands, like BBA Pumps, AFEC, Varisco, Dragflow, Betsy/Hidrostal and many other.